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Melbourne Gallbladder Surgery Centre

Elan Kaplan Gallbladder SurgeryMelbourne Gallbladder Surgery Centre was founded by Mr Elan Kaplan. After years of training first at Melbourne University, then at the Alfred Hospital under the mentorship of some of Australia’s finest surgeons Mr Elan Kaplan achieved his fellowship as a specialist general surgeon. Still keen to expand on his skill base Mr Elan Kaplan undertook a fellowship in advanced laparoscopic and upper gastrointestinal surgery. Mr Elan Kaplan specialises in all forms of abdominal and general surgery.

During his years undertaking his post fellowship training and while working as a staff general surgeon at a major metropolitan teaching hospital, Mr Elan Kaplan took a keen interest in the treatment of gallstone disease and its complications. Mr Elan Kaplan authored a number of guidelines, and treatment protocols for the management of gallstone and gallbladder disease. Elan Kaplan has a also published and presented research papers on gallbladder disease and international conferences. He has taught a number of medical students and surgeons in training. Elan Kaplan’s extensive training and research provides him with the necessary experience to offer you appropriate treatment as well as to provide you with excellent results.

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At Melbourne Gallbladder Surgery Centre we are always happy to help you with any questions you may have. Our surgeon consults at Bayside Medical Specialists Centre Mentone. Surgery is performed at Holmesglen Private Hospital, Linacre Hospital and Peninsula Private Hospital. We are available to provide you with advice over the phone or email.

Our principal surgeon, Elan Kaplan is also available after hours to treat general surgery and gallstone related emergencies. All surgery be it gallbladder or gallstone related or general surgery is performed on an Affordable Basis*.

We are generally able to provide you with an appointment time the same week that you call us. Should you require surgery, this can generally be organised and performed within one week of your appointment.

Our staff are always happy and available to provide you with any information and advice before, during and after your surgery that you may require

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Gallbladder Surgeon

Gallbladder Surgery

Melbourne Gallbladder Surgery Centre provides you with treatment of gallstone and gallbladder disease. We perform laparoscopic (key hole) cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal).

Our general surgeons regularly attend international and local meetings to keep abreast of developing trends and techniques in the treatments of gallstone and gallbladder disease. They have also presented research papers as well as having their research published within international journals. They have also been involved extensively in teaching advanced surgical techniques and theory to both general surgeons in training and consultant general surgeons.

This clinic is a complete surgical general surgery clinic. We provide treatment for all all general surgery problems including bowel cancer, appendix, haemorrhoids, gastroscopy, colonoscopy or hernias using open or laparoscopic techniques.


Meet the Staff: Mr. Elan Kaplan

Our surgeons are all highly trained and experienced in gallbladder and general surgery. They will discuss all treatment options with you. The will provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

Elan Kaplan has performed thousands of, gallbladder,  hernia repair, haemorrhoid, appendix and other general surgery operations. He is backed up by a supportive team.

Our collaborative team approach afford you the best possible outcome. This enable us to provide you with a second surgeon for all complex or difficult general surgery operations. Two consultant general surgeons will discuss, plan your treatment and operate together for all complex or difficult cases.

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